5 Signs You’re About to Get Engaged – Are they going to POP the question soon!


Is a surprise proposal in your near future? Forty percent of all engagements occur during the winter holidays, so be prepared for possible bling this season! Read on for the TOP 5 Signs You’re about to GET ENGAGED!


Your partner seems suddenly closer or more interested in spending time with your family.

They might be planning to ask for your hand or just wanting to get to know their future in-laws better! You can’t blame them, your family will soon be their family!


Noticed them being a little tighter with funds than typical.

Does your partner normally go all out on the Holidays? Are they holding back a bit this year, maybe eating out less, or just spending less overall? They could be trying to save a little to splurge on the ring of your dreams!


Talking about the future a lot!

Find yourself wrapped up in fantasies provoked by your love, of your future together in your dream home? Are they talking about starting a family? Well with a looming proposal on the mind, they would naturally start to plan out your future together.




Seems oddly more secretive than usual.

Did your significant other head to the store, to spend hours and come home with nothing? Well they might have been picking out your perfect ring! You’ll thank them later when you realize how much thought and preparation went into your surprise proposal!


Taking the lead on plans this holiday season.

Do you normally plan the holidays and you’re finding that your love has decidied to take the reigns on all your planning this year? They might be planning the perfect surprise Valentine’s Day proposal!


We hope you enjoyed our 5 signs you are about to get engaged! Get a head start on your enagement and download our wedding planning guide, and don’t forget to start the venue search early, you’ll find the venue finder is a very helpful tool for narrowing down your perfect wedding site!


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