Let’s get Pinning! Use Pinterest and our Site to begin Planning your Perfect wedding!


Pinterest was made for weddings!

Or was it? It might as well be, Pinterest has been assisting couples in planning weddings for longer than 10 years! If you’re not familiar with Pinterest, it is a collaboration of ideas on style and trends from around the world! The styles and trends covered on Pinterest are limitless

If you’re familiar with how it works, feel free to jump in now! Our Pinterest page is a great jumping-off point! Stick around if you want some insider tips on how to make planning your wedding simple and FUN using our Pinterest Hacks!

Get to know your Wedding Style!

What is your Wedding Style? Do you know? A lot of couples are asked this on a daily basis, and maybe you don’t know! 

It’s time to get personal! Let’s get this style sorted! When style searching we have a few tricks of the trade!

Have you been to a wedding that you loved? Torn out an image from a mag or even seen something on someone’s IG? You can use a reverse image search on Pinterest to search for that same image. It’s very likely the nifty algorithm can narrow down at least something very similar, if not the exact image.

Browse our Venue Finder! Tons of venues have a Style that would help give you a sense of what your style is. Start “hearting” your top venues, you might find out that you really like Rustic Barns! Who knew?

Get your partner involved! You might draw inspiration from how you style other parts of your life! Do you share a love for modern home architecture? Maybe a contemporary wedding would be the perfect fit for you!

Don’t be afraid, to be honest, and don’t let others drive your decisions! Go with you, it’s your wedding! Make it your style!

Use our Pinterest boards! We have hundreds, possibly thousands of pins to draw inspo from! Click here to check out our curated boards and begin searching for your style!

Create a Master Board

This is a great tip! It’s such a great tip, let’s just say it again. Really let this sink in! Create a Master Board.

Think about these two scenarios for just one second, okay maybe more than a second.

Scenario one! You have countless wedding boards, Floral, Catering, Honeymoon, Rentals, the list could be endless. You spend a lot of time pinning to these boards. If you’re not a heavy Pinterest user, you might not be pinning like us… but you make Pin mistakes. It can happen to the best of us, Pinterest thinks you have “a one” board a night mind and it auto pins to your most recent board unless you manually change this on your mobile… it happens. Everyone does this, trust us. So back to the scenario, you’re meeting with your florist looking for that amazing centerpiece that you just love and bummer it can’t be found. 

Scenario two! You lose your style. What do you say? How could you lose your style? Well, imagine this, you start pinning to your multiple boards with great excitement, and Pinterest is showing you all these fun unique modern wedding ideas then BOOM. You spot a Tuscan inspired photo booth that looks kinda cool? Hey, you can mix styles, totally down for that. But then, boom next all you’re seeing is Tuscan style pins. Now your venturing on dangerous waters. Suddenly your modern wedding boards have swapped sides. When you create a master list, you can easily curate it and keep only what makes sense for your big day!


Use our boards as your BASE! Pinterest for Weddings!

We cannot tell you this enough! A good base is what gets you through a lot of things in life. And a good Pinterest Base is no different! We have already done the work, pinned the venues, the styles, the rentals, the honeymoons, should I continue?

Browse our boards, pin what you like and begin checking those style boxes off! You’ll soon realize not only what your style is but also a lot of things about your dream day!



Curate your Master Board

Lastly, once you’ve put in the work crafting your Master Board. Give it a review. Or several! When you are in the heights of pinning fanatics you might have pinned not one but possibly seven boho-chic bouquets. Or maybe you pinned 5 or 6 ceremony chair styles?

Let’s get to work and make sure this list is truly a representation of the general feel you want for your big day! Not every pin is going to be exactly what you have on your wedding day, but make sure it’s in line with your style goals. 


More than likely you’ll be sharing this board with your wedding planner, florists, etc and you want your wedding team all on the same page!


Let’s get pinning!

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