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While wedding planning is exciting, for most brides and grooms it’s also a time to make lots of budget decisions. Don’t fret! It is absolutely possible to have a dream wedding on a reasonable budget. The key is to know where to look for affordable venues and vendors. Here are our top tips for planning affordable weddings in Arizona:


Find the Right Venue


Finding the right venue sets the entire tone for your wedding. After all, your venue will be the backdrop of every wedding photo and memory you cherish for years afterward. Luckily, Arizona offers absolutely stunning wedding venues at every price point. As long as you focus on wedding venues that fit your budget, you can plan your wedding without stressing about the cost.

We’ve done what we can to make finding a moderately priced wedding venue in Arizona as easy as possible. Simply use our venue finder tool, sorted by moderately priced.  You may be surprised by how many gorgeous wedding venue options you have with a moderate wedding budget. For example, the Crowne Plaza Phoenix at the Chandler Golf Resort offers a lush setting with show-stopping views.  Looking for a romantic fairy tale vibe? The Antique Wedding House is an incredibly charming option with budget-friendly packages.

Affordable Weddings

Choose Affordable Vendors for Affordable Weddings


Once you’ve chosen a venue that meets your wedding budget, the hardest task is complete. Now it’s time to hone in on the caterer, photographer, wedding coordinator, and other vendors who will make your wedding vision come together in the most seamless way possible. Our list of wedding vendors is so extensive, you are sure to find vendors to suit your taste and budget.

Before hiring vendors, it’s so important to sit down with your fiancé and go over your budget for each category. You should also decide on your main priorities to help make your vendor hiring decisions a little easier. For example, maybe you are total foodies and know that no matter what, you want a multi-course gourmet dinner served at your wedding reception. You may then decide that photography and decor aren’t quite as important, and opt to save money in those areas. Or perhaps you have your heart set on a well-known, talented photographer who will use up a good amount of your wedding budget. You may decide to have a smaller wedding or an hors d’oeuvre celebration to help make up the difference.

In some cases, newer wedding professionals may offer deals while they build experience. Be sure to interview all wedding vendors and hire the pros you feel most comfortable with.

Affordable Weddings

Mix in Some DIY


Of course, another way to save money when planning an affordable wedding is to do some things yourselves. This will vary for each couple, as some brides and grooms have skills that lend themselves easily to wedding planning, while others will find it worth every penny to pay for everything to be done for them. If you’re crafty, you may decide to make your own table decorations or wedding favors, for example.

Just be sure to not get so hung up on a DIY approach that you stress yourself out.  Enlist the help of friends and family and plan ahead as much as possible. Your wedding day will be hectic enough without feeling pressured to decorate your tables in between getting ready.

If you decide to handle some aspects of your wedding on your own, it’s also important to stay organized. Keep on top of all the details by downloading our easy-to-follow wedding planning guide, complete with a handy checklist.

We hope this guide to planning affordable weddings in Arizona was helpful for you.  Simply go to to search for affordable venues and top wedding pros to request info and pricing right from the comfort and convenience of your own home!

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Affordable Weddings

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