Steps to Take When Postponing your Arizona Wedding due to COVID-19

Tips Postpone your wedding due to COVID-19

Planning a wedding is not easy, and postponing one can be very draining. There are many things to be factored in, different groups of people to communicate with, and there’s a chance your venue may not be available on your preferred dates. If the current conditions are forcing you to postpone your special day, here are some necessary steps you may need to take when postponing your Arizona wedding.


1.      Get in Touch With Your Wedding Planner

The first step in ensuring the process is seamless is getting your wedding planner involved. Part of their job is to help you handle things that can affect your wedding, and you’ll still need their services for the event. As such, involving them ensures that all the plans you develop will be suitable for both parties.

If you did not have a wedding planner, it’s best to hire one now. They will help make subsequent steps easier.


2.      Set a New Date

Together with your wedding planner, determine which new dates will be suitable for your Arizona wedding. Contact your venue to find out which dates are available to guide your decision.

Once you’ve settled on a date, reach out to your close family and friends as well as the wedding party to see if they will be available. Reach out to your vendors too, and check their availability for the new date as some may be already booked.

3.      Be Flexible

Wedding venues are often booked months or at times over a year in advance. As such, for you to hold your wedding at your preferred venue without having to wait another year or so, you should consider a weekday Arizona wedding. This also increases the chances of working with the vendors you already have in place.

Though not all guests will make it to a weekday wedding, you can live stream the ceremony to give everyone a chance of being part of your magical day.

4.      Be Creative

Use your new-found time to your advantage. Remember those great wedding ideas you didn’t have time to fully explore, now you do! Take a fresh look at your plans and start penciling in some of your unique and creative touches! Some ideas; take the time to write your own vows, consider adding that specialty cocktail, or book that band you’ve always dreamed of!


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