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We have done the wedding trend research for you!

Drum roll… our 2024 List of the top 10 Trends in Weddings!

We also have a few that didn’t quite make the cut, but we think they will be gaining popularity as we move closer into 2025! Peek at the bottom of this list for those that almost made the cut for the 2024 wedding trends! Keep in mind, trends are just trends. Stay true to your unique goals with your wedding, you do you!

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Top 10 Wedding Trends in Arizona Weddings

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Top 10 Wedding Trends for 2024

  1. Intimate Affairs:

    Smaller, more intimate weddings continue to be on-trend, fostering a more personal and meaningful experience for both the couple and guests.

  2. Unique Venues:

    Non-traditional venues such as art galleries, industrial spaces, or outdoor landscapes are gaining popularity for their distinctive and memorable settings.

  3. Interactive Experiences:

    Couples are focusing on creating interactive elements, like live entertainment, unique photo booths, or DIY stations, to engage and entertain their guests. We are curious to see how couples will incorporate virtual reality into their weddings, we think its coming soon!

  4. Virtual Components:

    Incorporating virtual elements for guests who can’t attend in person, allowing them to participate in the celebration remotely. Live streaming or hosting a virtual live disposible camera are gaining popularity!

  5. Bold Color Palettes:

    Moving away from traditional whites and pastels, couples are embracing bold and vibrant color schemes to add a touch of personality to their weddings. We are seeing bold wild colors against clean simple neutral rentals!

  6. Customization:

    Personalized touches, from custom stationery to monogrammed decor, are becoming increasingly popular, reflecting the couple’s unique style. Finding a way to customize everything, from the welcome bags to their dessert display.

  7. Tech-Savvy Celebrations:

    Utilizing technology for things like digital invites, virtual guestbooks, and unique DJ experiences (silent discos) to enhance the overall wedding experience.

  8. Non-Traditional Attire:

    Couples are exploring unconventional wedding attire, with some opting for colored dresses, jumpsuits, or even themed outfits that reflect their personalities.

  9. Culinary Experiences:

    Unique and immersive dining experiences, such as food stations, themed menus, or interactive chef stations, are taking center stage to delight guests’ taste buds.

  10. Sustainable Celebrations:

    Couples are opting for eco-friendly weddings, incorporating sustainable practices and minimizing waste. Connect with your vendor team to discuss how you can lower your waste footprint with your wedding!


And a few more trends that we see gaining popularity as we move closer to celebrating with the 2025 and 2026 couples!

  • Unique alters:
    Couples are looking to incorporate their personality on the traditional alter, we are excited to see these come to life!
  • Hiring content creators for your wedding:
    Think fun snippets and reels separate from your typical wedding video and photos!
  • Disco balls:
    These fun vintage baubles are creeping up in popularity, we will see if they stick for 2025! We sure love the fun aspect they bring to the room!
  • Revival of silver and metal accents:
    For years it has been rose gold or brass. We think we are going to see a silver revival, but we can’t be sure just yet!

We cannot wait to see the first Arizona weddings of 2024!

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